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Building a solid residual income stream online is centered heavily around your ability to build an email list. I know that some people find this hard to believe.

I personally speak to new marketers xôi lạc tv every single day and I’m amazed by the large group of people that don’t understand the importance of list building – it really baffles me.

Well…the truth is that having a responsive email list of buyers is truly the cornerstone of being able to create residual income online. Would you believe that it’s possible to send out one email promotion that brought in $5,000?

Imagine yourself…

sending out an email promotion that finances an entire vacation

sending out an email before a football game and having a few thousand dollars in your bank account by halftime.

Believe it or not – some email campaigns have brought in a million dollars…all from one email promotion.

Look, I know that I’m being vague here and you are probably wondering how it could be possible to send out an email that makes you any money at all.

You may even be wondering, how you can build a list of people that actually buy stuff from you -then make thousands of dollars by sending them an email

The best way for me to explain this to you would be to create a process map for you to look at. Unfortunately, I can’t draw one for you within this article…

What I can do is walk you through the process using a makeshift example…