Simple High Ticket Info Product – Customer Service Policy

The time will come if you have ultimately created the world best Information Product. It will make others lots of greenbacks of income, it will shop 900 timber and can do in 30 days what usually takes one hundred twenty, but it comes at a High Price. Wait it is worth it, consider all the extraordinary advantages and unique functions this Product gives.

Unfortunately it really is now not in which it ends, there may be the bloodless hard reality staring you inside the face. You not handiest must produce the Product however you need to ensure a smooth and successful shipping of that product. That may be a nightmare without a few fundamental guidelines and recommendations to help you.

Here are some suggestions that will help you sleep better at night time;

1. Offer only two shipping techniques

o Standard Delivery 7 – 14 days
o Premium Delivery – 3 days

The extra the alternatives you provide people the greater time and effort it takes to satisfy your order. In addition, the more likely things can and could move wrong.

2. Do now not offer Overnight or Expedited Delivery

The reason behind that is due to the fact the specialised  nangs delivery transport groups regularly arrive for transport for the duration of the day when maximum Consultants are available. So the chase down sport starts offevolved, with them looking to supply and have you ever sign for it, which could take a day or . So why now not simply send it out for 3 day shipping.

3. No Phone Orders – Online Only

Use Pay Pal or some different payment machine to make ordering on the spot and smooth. Also you don’t need to have the complications of having to lease a person to take orders 24 hours a day.

No International Deliveries

Now I recognise that this may disenchanted some, but there are simply too many regulations and variables while transport foreign places or overseas. You will not have any manage of these variables and consequently it’ll fee you time and money looking to music down these deliveries. It’s just now not well worth it.

Four. No Money Orders

Credit card Payments are the simplest method of charge you ought to receive, its and instant transaction. There are again just too many variables involved and an excessive amount of time required having to go to a bank and cash the checks.

5. Have a Wholesale System

Offer to promote Products in masses of 12 – a hundred but ask for his or her commercial enterprise Id Tax Number. That way you have got a easy Business to Business monitoring variety, as it you operate Pay Pal you may no longer have get right of entry to on your clients Credit Card quantity, so use the Tax Id as an alternative.

6. Resellers System

Have a resellers software with all of the details organized, so that each one that is required is for those inquiring for the right to resell need simplest fill out a web shape and publish it.

7. Never Negotiate Prices

The expenses are what they may be; nation which you do not have any manipulate of the pricing. If they press you for a discount just say which you cannot exchange the costs because you have got agreements you should preserve. And you do despite the fact that that agreement is to make a 99% benefit from each product to your self.