The Meaning of Saint Hubertus to the Numismatist

Lanyards began their life in the military as rope tied around the neck and hidden under clothing; they were used to keep smaller weapons suspended for easy access. Later, the military began hanging honorary medals for the heroes of war on them. Today, military and city officials are no longer the only ones who Saint Hubertus wear them. Lanyards are used to display medals, IDs, as well as wear small items such as flash drives, cell phones, cameras, etc. Lanyards suspending medals are used in the Olympics for the top three winners in each category or they are given to heroes, such as firemen or police officers for saving lives, by city officials.

In modern society, lanyards are manufactured using various Hunting Necklace materials such as cotton, plastic, metal beads, plastic beads, leather, and nylon. They are available in a broad spectrum of colors, ranging from solid colors to multi-colored. In addition to the colors, these cords are available in lengths that vary, Saint Hubertus so wearing one on the wrist is accepted. The uses for these clever items have gone beyond suspending small weapons around the neck to suspending keys, name tags, security badges, whistles, pens, cameras, watches, and USB flash drives. With the endless possibilities, some manufactures have developed a custom lanyard that has a clip for easy removal of items like keys or flash drives. Wearing a custom lanyard has become the new fashion in most businesses-the new tie.

Businesses order custom lanyards to display the business’s name for the employees to wear or to give away as a promotional item during a business expo. Since security poses a problem Saint Hubertus in some large businesses, some employers have elected to wear custom IDs on them displaying name badges, Saint Hubertus and security badges. Saint Hubertus Places, such as hospitals, schools, and banks use lanyards to hang the identity badges of personnel. In addition to wearing name badges and such, schools use lanyards for whistles in sporting events, to hang keys for locked areas, and pens for easy access for grading papers or signing documents.

Lanyards can be produced by more than manufactures and used only in the business world. With lanyards being an inexpensive craft project, camps, after school programs, and religious Saint Hubertus programs are having children create them during group projects. Supplies for this project can be purchased in bulk from a local craft store or the internet. The children enjoy participating in such activities and the people receiving the finished products always find a use for the lanyard. It is a win-win situation for all.